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On friday my wife called and set up service with directtv, they ran her credit and went through the entire approval process. on saturday they came out and installed the dish and all of the components and began service.

within two hours they discontinued service and when we called customer service they explained to us that there was an outstanding balance for 340.00 dollars and that they would not be turning our service back on until this was paid. since we only had service for two hours it would be impossible for us to have an outstanding balance. when we confronted them with this they claimed it was attached to the address. They refused to turn on our service back on and kept trying to get us to call a collection agency to fix this.

As this was not our bill we sent a letter and gave them 10 days to remove the dish and all components they installed, since they failed to do this we are filing a civil complaint for fraud and filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. (maybe with enough complaints they will have to adjust their business practices.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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i order directv and they drafted my account for 221.35 and they dnt give me nothing they said that the address had a outstanding balance of 400.00 and i never had an account with them. They keep given me the run arounds about getting my money back.

Its like call this number, call that number to request a refund, but the same thing keep happening.

I done called a million times to get my deposit refund. Something really need to be done bout this company for real!

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