I enterd in to a agreement where by Direct tv was going to bundle with Verizon because where I live ( on Queens blvd) Fios wasn't available and this is 2012 and its still isn't.I agreed to this bundle deal and I was told it would cost no more than 126.00 for everything High spd Internet, Phone and Direct tv.

It snowed the day the Direct tv was to be installed so I had to reschedule with Verison aswell. The next week Verision shows up and they do the installation , no problem finally a week after that Direct Tv finally shows up.

I call in and say that all is bundled so I will only get one bill.

Two weeks later I get a bill from Direct Tv 184.00 and that it is not bundled I call up and they give mr the run around saying they never agreed to do that and if they had it was because Verizion installed first .I call Verizon they say its Direct Tv and on this went , almost 2 months ago I told them I can no longer pay this amount and come get your ***, they're still sending me bills even though I removed it.

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