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In August I went to cancel my movie channels before the promotions ran out. When I spoke to the agent he was giving me deals that I could sign up for. He told me I could upgrade to a premium package and it would cost only $7.00 more than I was currently paying for one year. I reiterated to him 3 different times to confirm the amount, and each time he said yes.

After two months of paying what he quoted me at, I noticed that an extra $45.00 was taken out of my account. I called Direct T.V. and was told the increase was due to the $45.00 discount being taken off my account. I told the agent what transpired and how this person who upgraded me never saw the $45.00 being taken off or ending. I was given an address to send my billing dispute letter.

I received a from the billing dispute basically telling me it is what it is since I agreed to the terms. I only agreed to my bill raising $7.00 not $45.00. I spoke with a supervisor and she related that the agent was not lying and he just "misinformed" me. She told me that everything that was discussed in August was in the notes in great detail. I asked for a copy of the tape and she again told me that the notes were explicit and tapes weren't necessary. She even told me she would be sending me a copy of the notes in the mail.

I called today (11/05/12) and was read what the notes from August stated and nothing was detailed or mentioned of his quote. So basically the agent lied to me and the supervisor lied to me and Direct T.V. won't honor a quote or be held accountable for people not being able to do their jobs. I can't wait until my contract is done. What a bunch of screw jobs they are. DO NOT GIVE DIRECT T.V. YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!

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