direct t.v. used information they got from our debit card when we paid them by phone and drafted money from our checking account without our permission. they charged us for equipment and for services we did not get on their special 29.95 package they promised us credits we did not get and they owe us over 100.00 dollars they told us we might get back in about six to eight weeks don't let them have your debit card number their programing is also the same as it was four years ago sorry get an antenna ok

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I have been with diriect tv from the day they started thier bussiness I ost my job and wrote they a letter lell them that I would pay my bill when I got a job they charge me a 200.00 fee for closeing my service with them I never sign a new contracted with a just move and and they up grade my box when i did't pay thier 200.00 fee the went in to checking account and took out 400.00 out with out my permission they change my mother the same fee a person should be able to no longer want thier serivce they should be take for their money. they keep send me a bill say the owe me and my mother money but they don't send me or her a check for the money.


If you would stop watching the tv for two seconds and actually listen to the rep talking to you on the phone you might actually know whats going on! Your service sucks because you probably pissed the tech off and he made sure you had the best service for your attitude!


You can not be save anymore.

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