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We were pitched Direct T.V. at Cosco Store in Redding California. Since I am a Cosco member

for over fifteen years I trusted the salesman on the floor selling us the package of Direct T.V.

as I believed Cosco wouldn't have cretians or shell gamers pitching their services. we signed up. We found out later they added NFL Sundays package to our bundle. Both my husband

and I do not want to watch football (sorry) When I found out they were charging us after not seeing a charge for this service on our bill for six months, they automatically renewed this service

which we were unaware we even had. When I called to explain our situation. The rep from direct t.v.

told me it was on the bill and I couldn't cancel. They were charging us $32.99 a month for

a service we never ordered and then told us they sent us a bill and if we didn't cancel it was automatically renewed?????? This is big timed fraud..Look up Direct T.V. record online,

its not good. Buyer beware of this company!!!!!!

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Sams,Walmart and Cosco all have to know of the underhanded practices of DTV but choose to look the other way for the money that DTV pays them for allowing DTV to sell their scams to honest people in their stores.I have written Sam's and Walmart both online telling them how I feel about this dirty practice. Hopefully this will be your only problem with DTV but somehow I bet not.

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