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Had an ORAL agreement with them on Nov 15,2008 for 2 yr service with a lock in price of $29.00 a month.Been great til today when I get my online statement for $55.00 plus other fees making my bill over $77.00!!! I contacted them and asked them what happened to my 2 yr deal.Deal was only good for a year but to cancel my contract for the next year it s going to cost me $220!!!

lol isnt that less than my $29.00 a month?!

still not oaying cancellation fee.I honored a yr and you cant honor my price you quoted,then they told me they were gonna take it automatically out of checking acct but really cant do that when the acct is closed huh!!I caant afford to pay over $77 with a one person income. thanks for supporting the broke economy

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had service for a month and half, all i have had is problems wiht my bills and bad tv connections. spent 2 1/2 hrs on the phone and had 4 people tell me i had to pay over two hundred and then had the last 2 people try to tell me over 400.00, cant ever talk to anyone that can do anything about it either

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