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I had to call Direct T.V.'s so called bundeling service center 5 times, this is no lie, each time I got different information that contradicted the last phone call. One guy told me that he could only offer me the highest phone service available because AT&T would only allow them to offer that package, another represenative told me that they could offer any package but that I would have to pay extra charges due to the package being a cheaper package.

I finally asked to speak to a supervisor who stated that both representatives were wrong and even said "I don't know who told you that, but that is not true", in reality I was going to have to pay a higher fee then I was told and would not get the so called discount until 3 months after services started. I told the supervisor I wanted to talk with his supervisor and he tole me that there was no one above him in his department.

I then told him to cancel the entire order and he stated that he could not do so because it was in AT&T's hands now. I will never bother to deal with this company ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DTV can cancel their order and you need just call AT&T to cancel theirs.This should take care of it.Hopefully you went with someone else because if you are having problems now what do you think the future holds with DTV?

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