Liars, bad equipment, contracts, horrible customer service. What else is there to say. Oh yeah they are theifs too.

A sales rep lied and offered nine months of discounted service. She didn't have the authority to do so, and Direct TV would not honor the original offer.

20 phone calls later and $1200 in early cancellation fees I have called an attourney. Funny thing is I have a recorded conversation of the original call. He wants to go after them.

Worst service I have ever seen. Worse than AOL and Sprint combined. Please think twice before signing up with a company that is dishonest. It will take you hours and hours to try and resolve any issues you may have.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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direct tv charging for NFL ticket did not ask for it told wont refund calling lawyer


Canceled my service after 6 months with them, 3 different cable boxes and one local channel would not come in, would not replace another refurbish box, blacked out the local football games just to get me to pay for it on their pay per view! If you payed by debit card change it FAST they will take the money out with out your authorization.

I did the change before they could rip me off! PS my bill was suppose to be $49.99 and the bill they sent me was $75.90 They can eat it!


After my home burned down and I lost everything. DirectTV said they would n't charge me for early cancellation fee, but they keep sending me bills and after 9 calls and paying over $200 for service I wasn't getting, I was told I would get the money back.

( months later I still didn't get my money back. I sign up after they sent me a offer for Choice package for $29,99 a month and credit for all my money the owed me(only way I was going to get my money back). After installing the system , the first bill is for $52.00 a month and now say I can't have the $29,99 a month deal.

I have called 7 times , 3 of which they ,I was lost after being put on hold. Plan the contact BBB and USAG.


I agree with you one hundred percent the same exact thing happened to me. Please let me know how you make out.

Is there any help for others? Direct TV= Bad People

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