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Date: June 1, 2008

Direct TV customer 7 months. Cannot use hdmi cable as Direct Tv is still "working with" hdmi cable manufacturers so that they equipment with work with all cables.

I was told this 5 months ago. Now ABC has always had periodic breakup at my home in Oregon. Last week, lost 5 min of the Indy 500 race. No picture at all.

Today trying to watch another Indy Car race. Worst break up ever, constant. Call Cust svc: poor csr has to tell me all the BS she has been told to tell customers that, once again, DTV is "working on the problem with local channels." Right... BS!

I have had breakup for 7 months! Never buy DTV, contracts not a good idea. I will go back to cable and buy fewer channels. I chose DTV because COMCAST was charging more and offering less.

I may go back to a big *** house antenna and put up with less tv, save $ and drop all the satellite, cable BS.


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