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DIRECT TV Customer Service is by far the worst experience I have been thru.

As a mater of fact, their Customer Service is so bad it's almost surreal!!!

I ordered Direct TV when I bought my TVat Circuit City. To start off, the Direct

TV Rep. set me up with two different accounts, charged me twice and I was

biller twice. I spent hours on the phone to get this resolved and I heard the most

*** responses, like the order was pending or it had to be disconnected (some-

thing that was never connected in the first place). Then they sent to Installers at

the same time, they cancelled the wrong Account, which was the original one

with International Chanel. I have spent, again, hours and hours on the phone

with them and every time I call, Im put on hold for several minutes at a time,

then I am transferred to somebody else, over and over again and every single time

is like talking to a wall, I have to re-explain the whole situation, over and over

again. They finally sent another Technician to my place and guess what, he

had the wrong order and was not able to do anything, so he calls Direct TV

and spends almost an hour on the phone. I talked to one of the Managers and

she said someone as going to call me in 72hrs, NO ONE called, for the third

time. I finally gave up! Today (07/10/08) I found out they sent a Technician here,

guess what, I didn't set up this appt. neither NO ONE from Direct TV ever called

me to advise I had an Installer coming.

Above paragraph is only part of the nightmare I have been thru w/ DIRECT TV.

I could go on and on... As of now, a month later I still dont have my Int. channel as

request on the first day.

Their Customer Service simply dont care, I am in Customer Service myself

and I can not imagine treating one of my Customers like that, DIRECT TV's

Customer Service is so BAD it is surreal! - it is almost unbelievable stuff like

this happens. Im very mush pissed off!!!

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