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I am also joining the all of other pissed offf customers of Direct TV.There was no contract, no signaturesor even informations given to myself on the programs, $99.00 charge for the receiver. They also told me there would be a $400.00 charge for cancelation of there B.S.

company. very unfair to the customers that are truth in life. I had joined the bundle and let the phone company also what crooks these people are. You get some address for the home office to write your compaint and their customer service are nasty with customers.

There is no way there is a phone number to call the president, i'm sure he doesn't want that to get out, he might have to clear and clean up his ways. (the devil him self.) I have written a letter and called Direct TV a numerous times and received no help for this problem. I was threat with cost $400.00 and they would send to collections. We'll they can, I have my solutions to this problem.

Better Business Bureau Everyone , Call them Like I did. The Problems need to be Addressed everywhere and put them out of business. Send Out all these Compaints in everyones mailboxs and e-mail everyone you know. Go Luck B.S.

Direct TV, Eventaully you will lose your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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They called me with the $99 box plus $9.99/mo deal several times and I declined. Then they called and said it would be $0 and $0/mo.

I said yes and on the second month I get $9.99 on my bill! They waived it for 1 year after complaining but that is bait and switch in my book