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I do not have an account with direct tv, and they illegally withdrew 1300 dollars from my bank account.. how can they do this...

all my money is gone and Bank of America is taking their sweet time doing nothing on my behalf ......... To my understanding stealing money was against the law, but i guess if you are a big company these rules do not apply.. what is a person to do? However i will spend every moment making sure action is taken to resolve this problem..

I am seriously pissed off... Consumer warning : If Direct Tv and steal from me, it can happen to anyone

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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The just hit me for 716.90 and now I am overdrawm almost a 1000.00. We used our debit card to pay my mothers bill 1 time amd the had the number on file.

So when she passed away her bill keep going up and the decided to take it out of our account. And yes according to our bank that is theft


My guess is they sued you over an old past due account and won. So they probably have a judgement against you and that is how they were able to levy your bank account. I would call them and find out what this account was.

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