Pomeroy, Ohio

Direct tv is refussing to give me credit for money they took out of my bank account. Even after I have faxed them the second proof of my bank paper where it was taken out.

I have talked to nouberous superivser, which as done nothing to help me out. I have asked for address and other phone numbers they refuse to give to me. Bottom line I will never give any of my friends or relatives DirecT tv good service.

Please Post this so others may see how terrible this company is with thier customers. Thank You A Very Pissed off customer

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Direct tv are a whole punch of liars, when they said money back warranties, they mean that they will take your money and never back, and the most important thing is the customer service people they apologize for you a thousand time, but at the end no money back warranties. Direct TV is the worst ever experience I had, I think we people should do something.


If you have not done so call your bank and tell them that this was a disputed amount tell them Not to accept any more charges from Direct TV and if your bank will not do this I'd change banks. and please if you have a credit card on file with Direct TV call your credit card co. and tell them NOT to accept ANY charges from Direct TV and they will put a flag on your account.


Somebody get a hold of me!! 515-451-2267! :cry


Somebody get a hold of me!! 515-451-2267! :cry

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