Direct tv has the most terrible customer service out there. I will never sign up with this company again.

I have experience hold time over thirty minutes, and cable boxes that have mysteriously stop working. I was told that if I were not covered under the protection program I would have to pay for another box. What about people who sign up for cable but are not able to afford the protection plan.

Than the so call customer service lady told me I unhook the cable line from my heavy 52 inch tv and connect it to the other tv while they replace the box. This company sucks!

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #74072

I watched the commercials for Direct TV's NFL Footabll Package where they say you can get all the NFL games in High Definition, so I paid $250 for the package, then when I went to watch the HD Channel, it didn't work. After several hours of trying to contact a human interface module, I found that I had to purchase a separate HD package for an additional 19.95 a month to get the games in HD.

This sucks and is false advertising. They said there is a disclamer on the TV AD that explains this, so I watched the AD closely and sure enough a very small info window is displayed for about 2 seconds, which means even Evelyn Woods couldn't read it.

Driect TV is not beeing honest in their advertising and the FCC should look into this matter and customers should get rebates for this extra charge!!!!


My wife ordered Direct TV with the NFL Sunday Package and 2 Year contract for my birthday. She set an install date and even noted on the notes that we already had a 4LNB dish on the house.

The install day comes and noone shows up in a 4 hour window so I call them. I get a person on the phone and it takes them several minutes to discover what is going on. They then tell me that there is a past due amount from 5 years previous. I tell them that is impossible as all bills were paid and the contract had been honored.

She proceeds to tell me that the outstanding balance is $357. What? I asked if I was on candid camera... I then ask for an itemized statement of the charges and she tells me that I was sent a new DVR and I owed over $150 in service charges.

I then tell her that we never recieved the DVR because we were offered a great deal with another company and they were not being competetive at the time for current customers (only new). I tell her there must be some kind of mistake and that since we did n0t receive any new equipment that I would pay the difference of equipment charge and service charge. She says that this is not possible. I get a supervisor on the phone (suppossed).

I run through the above and also mention that we cancelled or previuos service with Dish and that we are having a get together for the first weekend of football and I have no TV. This lady sounded like she could care less and said that I would have to pay the entire $357 to get their service. I then tell her that she is crazy to dispute a 5 year old bill with me because I am willing to nearly split the difference and sign a two year contract with them to give them more monthly revenue at at least $80 plus dollars a month and we already had a dish on the roof. She says that is the best they can do.

I tell them that it is definitely their loss and they will not ever be getting my business or anyone I can reach. What kind of company is unwilling to take a persons money after they have already completed on record a full contract of service and at the same time lie about sending equipment and that service charges were not paid when you are even willing to meet them half way to save a relationship. This kind of customer service will be the demise of them as more people discover their unethical ways. Word of advise...

Get Dish Network this fall when the new 922 slingshot DVR is released. Dish has always had the best equipment and now the offer Red Zone for 5.99 per month with a $70 plan.

Hope this helps someone out there. Thanks, Mark Edmond, OK USA Go Sooners!

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