I am pissed off with direct tv. They recently took over $400 out of my account.The service is not in my name ,they said since i used my card to pay some of the bills they would take the money out of whatever card they had on file.

keep in mind their are several other cards that i used to pay that bill but they took it out of my primary account and left me we negative $15 and said there is nothing they can do. Although on my statement the tranaction is pending and not yet been posted.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $411.

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no sattisfaction from direct tv...i bought my dish and rescever from best buy set it up myself i was a installer 2years ago a customer for the same. well the card burnt out so i went to buy a new box and card from best buy thats all good...now there charging me for the same box that i allready payed for i'm realy pissed.. i had nice things too say about direct tv but now i can say is there customer service sucks the people that you talk to on the phone are rude they suck all around i always thought that the customer always right......

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #99753

Christmas Day I awoke to find my Indiana Unemployment Debit account empty and showing a negative $246 balance. When I was finally able to find out what had happened the records showed Direct TV had plundered my account that day and had the balls to even charge me an extra $29 for not being able to steal the entire $646 they say I owed them over them not honoring their contract for their so called "special".

I had been charged twice what their $29.99 special cost and threatened to discontinue service. After repeatedly trying to get this straightened out and have my funds returned I was told they would do so only if I continued service with them(extortion?). I also now had to pay the $59.99 price for the next three months due to defaulting on the contract, isn't this what they had done? When reaching the Austin based firm that issues these required debit cards they said Direct TV was the only bunch that had been able to circumvent their customer safeguards and firewalls.

These thieving bastards at Direct TV have got this down to a science and should be stopped. The Austin firm also said they had been deluged with cases such as this by Direct TV.

As the Christmas purchases bounced running up an unbelievable amount of fees I now enter the New Year not only layed-off but financially destroyed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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