direct TV wants to add to more years to my contract only because i added another box in my home i was unaware of this and when I found this out when my first contract was up they tell me i have a new contract for another 2years and if i want to cancel early if will cost me 480.00 dollars. "this is crazy" how they take advantage of the consumer.

is there any one out there who can help the little man. I'm willing to be part of any class action lawsuit to stop these huge corporation of taking advantage of the small person.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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Allenton, Michigan, United States #143846

SUE SUE SUE!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS ALL YOU *** MORONS THINK OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRY READING YOUR CONTRACTS BEFORE YOU SIGN OR AGREE. :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :roll :roll :x :x


I have also a bad experience with DiretTV considering that I am just a new customer. I want to share it but maybe somebody can help me what to do first.

I am a new customer but I am not happy with this compnay. They lie a lot.


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