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It *** me off,I been with this company over two years and last month they didn't send me a bill,turn my service off and charge me for a extra month. This service stink and I refuse to be apart of this type of service.My sister owe $15.00 dollar off her last bill and they cut hers off.My Aunt tryed telling me about there ridilious charges,but I wanted my daugther to enjoy variety cartoons.and games.When I spoke to one of the representative on why they didn't send me a bill,she said they did send it to my email,but I didn't sign for email account.

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I was told from a "customer service resolution specialist", that it would take their processing 6-10 weeks for my refund check to get to me by mail!! I said that that was absurd! He said that it didn't matter if it was a card refund or a paper check.

Who has gotten a refund back from DirecTV?

How long has it taken you to receive? How long have/ had you been waiting??

Is there anything You did or I can do, to speed up the return process??

I was told that writing or contacting the BBB would help.

Does anybody know if that is true?

down with DTV!!!!!

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