We are inundated with junk mail, so have attempted to stop the worst abuser which is Direct TV. We have never had Direct TV, but our son who has not lived with us for over a decade still gets mail from them at our address (he never had Direct TV, either)

Called on 9-23-09 (good luck actually getting anywhere with their phone system if you are not a customer or wanting to be). Spoke with Monica, who assured me that we had "now been removed from the list." Was told it could take up to 6 weeks, but it would stop.

Called on 11-7-09 spoke with Linda. "I'm sorry you are having to call again, I've taken care of that for you." Same time consuming giving of addressee and address.

Called again on 2-10-10. Went up to supervisor this time and spoke with Al and Mauricio who went through the whole procedure again and Stated that "I've done everything in my power to get your address off, but if it doesn't work then you might need to contact the local office who gives the addresses to our corporate offices for mailing.

Received at least one and more often 2 mailing a month until I called again this morning. Got nowhere with Kristina who was just going to enter the info again. Asked to speak with supervisor. Josh suggested that I call the National "Do not Call" number and gave number to me. When asked how that was going to help when I was already on that list and it was mailings not phone calls. He suggested I check out the website for Direct TV and contact them...had already tried that. So he gave me an address for Residential Services (not sure how that will help since I'm not a customer) He couldn't give me their number to speak with them directly and can not give me any numbers. I'm ready to take it to local "problem solvers" at the TV stations. This is ridiculous!

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Been trying to stop Directv from sending me their *** mail. The mailings come addressed to someone who hasn't lived at this address in over 11 years, and that's how long this has been going on....really.

I average two mailings per month, but am now saving them, putting them in a large box and sending it COD back to the sender..

I have done this three times now, but guess what...got another one this afternoon. *** COMPANY!


I'm in the same boat. I will never switch to directv based on all the annoying mailers that can't be stopped. I'm about to report them to the attorney general's office.

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