Madison, Tennessee
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I called Direct TV bc a family friend told us about them and they had not problems with them so went with this company thinking we would be satisfied. I called and spoke to a young lady that was super nice and scheduled my appointment for July 27th which was the soonest they could get someone out to me.

I was happy with that had my boyfriend stay home from work and wait on Direct TV. By 12 I called to get an ETA. They informed me that they were scheduled for 2 weeks later. I was so upset about this and wanted someone out that day since I already had someone waiting for them.

After being disconnected 3 times, and calling and talking to 5 different people I was offered a $50.00 discount for the inconvience. I told them never mind I was going back to Comcast. They transfered me to another guy to cancel my installation but he was so nice and tried so hard again to get someone out there to me same day I told them go ahead and give me the discount and schedule me for 2 days later. The installation was ok and I am pretty satisfied with the tv channels but when I got my first bill I didn't see the discount.

I just got off the phone with the company and they said that the discount was not applied and she couldn't apply the discount since she didn't offer it. I was informed that she was emailing her supervisor and I needed to call back in 72 hrs to find out if he would approve the discount! I couldn't believe this. After everything I have gone through with this company they won't give me this discount and there is a chance that when the supervisor finishes this it won't be approved.

I work for a corp owned company that we have a thing called "customer delight" we want to make the customer happy no matter what we have to do. If customers call in and are disappointed we do everything in our power to make them happy with discount cards, money mailed back to them, discounts on their order and an apology. I can not believe that this company has such horrible customer satisfaction and can not give a discount when they can see that the discount was offered in the notes in black and white.

I should have went back to Comcast! This is rediculous!!!!

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sounds almost as bad as cox


I got the same run around from them. You never speak to the same state and if they don't proberly note the account, their reps have no empowerment to take care of customer needs! :(