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I need to know how to get out of a Direct TV contract. Their customer service is horrible.

My TV is out, and their reply is they can have a technician out in two days. I pay for a monthly service contract and that's the best they can do. I fell for their lies and got rid of my cable company that would come out and fix my cable immediately.

I am not a couch potato, but I do enjoy my evening tv after a long day at work. Any help or advice on how to void the contract would be great.

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I would like to get out of my contract too.Have you had any luck?They raised my bill from $55 to $81.Im on fixed income.This is more than my elactric bill.


TAS,This is not good advice! they keep records of all the movies ordered so you can expect to receive a bill and the non return fee for the box is much higher than the $45 you state.

I am no fan of DTV but believe me you can't believe a word they say they often tell you what they think you want to hear(THEY LIE) they know that chances are slim in your taking to the same person twice. they have been doing this for years and years and they know all the dirty little tricks to use and in the end the customer will most certainly lose.


I just got off the phone with Direct TV and let me tell you that I was a loyal customer fro 7 years. I sent my box back and now received a bill for 3 pay per views from 2007.

Charlene from Direct tv informed me that if my phone line was not plugged into the box, they had no way of knowing that I ordered pay per view. They can only charge me when I return the box and access card. So.....if you are stuck in the contract, unplug your phone line, order all the pay per view you want and just don't ever return your box or access card.

You will be charged the $45 for the box but all the free pay per view you can handle. Good luck.


just take the appointment they offer. Cooperate.

Directv is your partner not your slave. You have a business relationship with Directv and if they tell they could send someone over in 2 days then you must respect that.

After your service is fixed you call back and ask for credit for time without service. Remind yourself why you decided to dump cable and went to Directv.

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