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I canceled my Direct TV Service and they of course asked me why I wanted to cancel and honestly, it was not the service I moved in with my boyfriend and he has come Comcast and that what he preferred and I told them that and that I was not interested in transferring my services. You know that was not good enough for them!

The company preceded to bombard me with 5 phones calls a day leaving me messages trying to get me to re-sign. Today was the KICKER a Account Rep (THE BIGGEST *** IN THE WORLD) called and I told him that I was not interested in transferring my account because I had free services because my boyfriend paid the bill and could he put me on the do not call list. He told NO and still preceded to try to push the services. I have never written a complaint before but I am so disappointed in the person and the customer service that when I tried to contact to let them know how violated I felt by the Account Rep.

The crazy thing is I work in sales and overcoming objections is one thing but NO MEANS NO.

I will NEVER NEVER USE DIRECT TV SERVICE EVER AGAIN! I will let anyone who will listen know that the this is worst company in the world and customer service is non-existence if you have a problem or complaint.

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