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Ok, so I called Direct TV on Saturday while tv shopping. I asked if I could buy a HD dvr and get whole house service.

I was told yes. I didn't after 3 and a half years get any discount on the equipment, so I said I can go buy one then at Best Buy like last time, she said yes and reminded me about the contract. Which would've been no problem. We then bought the tv because we could afford the HD DVR box, and get what we were saving for.

We drove home, and I went to best buy while my husband went to getting the new tv situated. While at Best Buy direct tv had pulled out all of their equipment and was no longer selling it and it had been this way for 6 months. Which ticked me off, because I understand and think 3 months would've have been a max amount of time to let both company's get word to ALL employees. So I called Direct TV for the 2nd time.

I got another employee that said Best Buy carries them, I informed him they don't so don't tell your costumers that because I'm sure they will complain. I told him what I wanted and he was very great! He did the best that he could being very polite and trying to make me feel better. Which was wonderful because he just told me I needed a new dish and had to pay 200 more & for the install 75.

He kept me calm and worked the price down the best he could, but it was still over 240. With 3 weeks on my contract from when I bought a HD DVR at 199 from best buy almost 2 years earlier, I figured I will look around. Finding Direct TVs offer for new customer only 99 for all the equipment I need and instillation. Not to mention a year of discounted packages.

At this point I wrote DTV, and I told my story. Got a responce to call in. So I took another chance. Got a guy who was snarky and a little rude.

I told him that its crazy that my husband can go under his name and get a new customer price but I have to pay close to 500 dollars. " that's illegal and we won't allow that adress for 2years to be a new customer." He said very snotty. Then He asked "have you ever thought about taking the tv back.". I was close to saying..."yes, but because I trusted your employee I opened the box and wasn't about to loose 15 percent of the cost and the warrenty price!!!

Ty for reminding me how much money your company has costed me!" Instead I changed my tune and ignored him, because in the customer service field you must always be nice, with a smile on your face. If he worked for me I would've fired him, because if he was listening he would know that I CALLED BEFORE buying. Which as we all know the return policy on returns isn't a nice one, but needed. He said he could get everything done for 200 giving me 200 credit.

Because it should cost 200. I said that's great he sent me to another department after assuring me 2 more times that it was only 200. Woudlnt you know at the next department they said it was 278! I was furious for the earlier mans attitude that I had it.

I appologized to the man that I was soo pissed I knew it wasn't his fault but this was now the 2nd employee that lied to me!!!!! I felt bad because I hung up on him because I was and am still pissed.

Being in this feild its ur job to help the person and to stay nice no matter what!!! If you can't handle that then quite because you acting in a rude or snotty manner will cost the company customers.

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