Have been waiting now for two day for a rep to come and reset signal on the dish, have called twice now still no service rep, wish I had stayed with Dish, I am sure no one of importance with direct tv will even read this but it is good to vent! we have been lied to ever since we started with direct tv, the offer promation, this is a joke why don't they just tell you that you will be screwed from the start.

Guess I will have to pay the days we are not receiving or watching tv??I really don't know how the VP or Pres of this place can sleep at night but I guess dummies like me will keep them going so they can be VP's and Pres, I guess I am done it will not do any good anyway. mayberry52@hotmail.com

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Had a similar issue. Just be ready for them to charge you for them not able to deliver a product. I called them to complain about this but the supervisor I talked to hung up on me.

truth teller

good luke. dont let them in youre house they will destroy something and charge you :x

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