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This is the first time that I want to spend my valuable time to write a review about my experience with a company because I am so angry with them…

I've been a good customer since 2008 after moved to Austin. However, their basic channel has nothing to watch; except sales channels, religion channels. Finally, I called them to cancel the service since I barely watch those channels and after I signed up with NetFlix and enjoyed all the movies I got from them. The sales rep. was very nice and tried very hard to keep me as their customer. He offered me two months promotion periods and I paid only $10 dollar per month for these two months. He told me I would end up pay more if I cancel the service right away because of the earlier termination charge. I could cancel the service after two months and pay minimum termination fee. I was very happy with their consideration and did cancel the service two months later. The customer service person was very nice at the time when I called to cancel my service. He gave me the final figure of my bill and I paid with my credit card. Look like a happy ending….

A month later, received bill from them asked for more money. I called and was told that the promotion was taken back because I cancelled the service. I own them the money for the difference between regular price and the promotion price for that two months, according to Direct TV policy. I told them that since they did not inform me that the promotion would be taken back if I cancel my service within certain time(then I would have cancelled two month earlier), and nobody told me the promotion will be taken back at the time I canceled my service, therefore, according to my policy, their policy is invalid.

They sent my case to collection agent. They called and I explained my reason. I have no problem to pay them at all, but it against my principle to do so even I knew that my credit score will get ruined because of this.

Stay away from them, as far as you can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Direct TV must have taken some lessons from Wall Street. They sent me to buy a DVD Recorder at Costco for $280.00.

Now after 2 years I'm looking to reduce my household expenses. They want me to return my DVD to Direct TV. Not only did I buy it but I paid $6.00 per month for 2 years. They never told me that I didn't own the DVD.

When I turn on TV I seem to watch the free channels that I could get for free with rabbit ears. I'm going with

rabbit ears and Netflix from now on.

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