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The average victim of the 29.99 a month 250 channel scam it started Nov13th 2010. At present they state that I have an outstanding balance of almost 800.00.

I got an empty box in the mail with my statement yesterday. For 8 months I fought with them getting hung up on over drafted on my credit card and got screwed over twice on the refer a friend program one in which my neighbor was going to have 5 recievers installed they never showed, Thank-god for him. with 80 or above statements monthly since I stated i let them dis-connect services on May 25th.

I am just curious since i have been billed for this equipment and my gut tells me its staying there if I should just keep it for the sum of almost 800.00. Anyone with advise or a number to help with the class action suit im ready!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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