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DirectTv is unbelievable. I recently ordered directTv and in ordering through Qwest, I was unable to get the exact deal that was mentioned. The deal was only offered online from DirectTv's website but since I went through Qwest, it was a special ordering system.

The equipment I wanted was unabled to be ordered online so I got as close as I could get and then figured I could just call in. Well not the case, it's not the fact that DirectTv employs idiots and it takes you 3 departments and 3 separate people to find 3 stories, it's that you're stuck once you make your order. I was actually sent to cancellations lol.

I have wondered for years why I would ever go with Comcast over DirectTv and usually price always wins since DirectTv is usually cheaper after the "special" deals wear off. Well I have found a really good reason why I will never go with DirectTv again once my 24 month contract is up. You get HORRIBLE customer service and they can't do anything for you when it comes to equipment. With Comcast I could have walked down to the office and got it all cleared up and been happy.

Now I'm stuck for 2 years without a DVR or I'll have to pay $200 for something I was supposed to get for free. Buyer beware, if you're a new customer the will promise you the world, if you're not.... well they basically say f'You!

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