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Direct tv is horrible!!! Every time it rains I lose the signal.

We had a really bad rain storm, lost the signal for over 18 hours when I called they said it would cost 49.99 to come out and fix it and 7 days till they got here!! Early termination is 240.00!!!! Biggest scam going yet!!! How do these people stay in business!!!!

They tacked on an extra 30 dollars a month after a year stating I signed an agreement for 1 year...when I asked to see the paper I suppposedly signed they said they misplaced it. We will call and *** every day until something is done!!

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I agree!! The same thing happened to me.

They all have a different story when you call. They sent out the tech and he wanted to hook our phone up and our internet. I told him no and he claimed he had to. In walked a man and told the tech NO!!!

That ended that. they are liars !!

Get a visa gift card with little $ on ... don't let them charge your account!!

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