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I have been a loyal customer of Direct TV for a long time - I pay good money for their services - if they drop the stations they are talking about I will go to another service. I can use the extra money since it is so close to Christmas time.

I even got my family and friends to use them as well - I just ranted and raved about how happy I was with Direct TV's services, I am not now!

I am retracting anything nice I have ever said if they pull those stations. I will miss too many of my favorite shows and it most certainly will not be worth the money I am paying!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I have completed the contract requirements, so if they drop the programs I will drop them and go back to cable. Its a sham to have 300 channels but only watch about 20 of them.

Fox and ngeo happen to be a couple of them! Hope they get it figured out quickly if not I will not be sending them my money,


I have been very happy with Direct tv with just a couple of glitches along the way, but if they cancel those channels, I will go back to cable immediately. I have fulfilled my two year commitment and I will be out of here.


I can't believe Directv is dropping those stations. They sold me a package and I pay alot of money a month to have them.

I will check on my contract to see how much time I have left on it. I will cancal if this is going to happen!!






Right! If they break their end of the contract, we can break ours!


direct tv is now saying that come nov,1st they are dropping fox so am wondering if we can drop direct tv without having to pay to get out of the 2 yr.contract since having this channel was the biggest reason we got it,if not we certianly will be dropping them like a hot potato come time to renew netflix lost and so will direct tv.