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my acct. was debited in error and it will take 30 days for them to put it back.

I cancelled my service becasue my transfer fee was applied to someone elses acct. and then I tried the co. again and that order was also messed up but they want to charge an early cancellation fee..

CEO Michael White and Ellen Filipjak should be ashamed of how direct tv and its employees disrespect the customers.

Direct TV messes up two separate transfers and wants to charge an early cancellation fee. WHY would i want to remain with this company PISSED OFF

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DTV does not really give a *** about their customers,they are too busy try to come up with something crooked to get their customers money.If they debited your account they must have your account #.If you continue to stay with DTV I'd have them send a bill and pay the bill with money orders and keep all receipts.I'd change my bank/credit card account # or cancel account to prevent DTV from taking money from the account.

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