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i cancelled my direct tv due to various reasons, not getting a paper or internet bill,(i bundle my internet, phone and direct, tv thru my AT&T account) direct tv had added the NFL sunday, to my package and when i did not call to cancel, it was added (numerous phone calls wanting to know why my monthly rate was getting higher) they told me they could not cancel it, as it was 3 weeks into the season. I informed them that i never received a bill or notice on this addition and i was told that if i switch phone companies then i could get a bill thru that new phone company.

i told them to cancel my Direct Tv, after more phone calls to them they finally got my account cancelled and i returned all of the equipment.

i then received my first paper bill in a long time to pay my final payment. i mailed the check out, and today i was checking my credit card account and see that they charged my credit card( and this credit card needed to be updated on their web page, expired date but it was charged anyway to i stopped payment on my check.

If the credit card is not current how can they charge that card? I will NEVER do business with Direct TV again, and i will make sure that if anyone is thinking of doing business with them, they need to know how they operate.

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If you disagree with the charges placed by DTV on your card you have the right to dispute this with your credit card co.the money will be replaced on your card but be aware that the cc may recharge your account after its investigation.hopefully you got a tracking # for the returned equipment.