a month ago my husband and I signed up for basic tv because that is what we have - we are in our 60's. For Christmas our children bought us a flat screen HDTV - we need hd hook up - direct tv wants an additional $280 to the $178 we already payed last month, or $480 to cancel our contract!

They said we should have signed up for it a month ago - WE DIDN"T HAVE HD THEN!!! OMG - money making company - DO NOT GO WITH DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son spent an hour on the phone going from supervisor to supervisor with all saying we should have signed up for it when we ordered it. OMG - how were we suppose to know we were getting a HDTV from our children for Christmas?

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i tried to do the same thing, tyey told me it would extend my agreement for two years, no thanks, aint no better then the others


I agree that sounds very expensive just to hook up a HD tv to a DVR box. Ask if DTV will send you a DVR box and if so get an HDMI cable($7-20) depending on the length you need at Walmart.and hook it up yourself. go to ehow and type in "how to hook up an HD t.v" it is fairly simple to do.


That's the normal upgrade price. You are trying to upgrade to extra programming.

You do NOT NEED the hd hookup, you WANT the hd hookup. As I guarantee that your new tv works just fine with the regular non-hd programming.

Stop trying to get everything for free.

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