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Direct TV is the worst company I have ever worked with!!! I was forced to connect with them when I moved into my new apartment and it took me 3 days to cancel!!

Their people are rude, not willing to help, and disrespectful! I have had nothing but issues. They charged me 500 dollars to cancel-- then when they didnt charge my account they turned me in to collections.

Their customer service folks called me and then hung up on me, then when i called the corportate office they shrugged it off like it was my fault--what happened to the customer is always right. I will go with out any type of TV before I would ever become a customer of theirs!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is what they do, I have experienced the same with them, they simply are unresponsive.

I hope the majors are reading this, I rather like not having the TV.

To me they gave me a service, I did not want, did not need, never used, and then while it was "free" I could never get thru to the company as the lines were jammed.

The vendor or retailer on this account Big Dog Satellite knows this ans always calls Directv thru a backdoor line for retailers. Big DOg should be forced to use the same lines as consumers.

DirecTV also on my basic rate raised it after 4 months to $65 instead of $34.

Then they demand you to pay it, then they refuse to even discuss it until you pay it, saying they will credit you later... lies lies


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