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they took money out of my bank now i have to pay overdrafts and more becouse they did even send me a letter ask for anything back or wait to see if i was going to connect agin . no they did even they even told me to go *** my self and they say we value our customers that bull *** they only care about the money no matter if they put you in a hole and im not the only one they did this to what we all need to do is stop getting service with direct tv and see if they really value there customer and stop taking there money without asking worst is that i just got out the hostpital and they say we value our customer right.

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Had a billing address change. Never recieved the bill and they took almost 600 dollars from my checking account instead of just the 40 bucks i owed them.

Called and got part of my money returned but not what I was told they would return. This was in Sept of 2011. I ask them to please send me the bill to my current address. I have been getting calls 4 times a day since then and have talked to someone at least 10 times about not getting a bill.

I HAVE NO PROBLEM PAYING THE BILL BUT I WILL BE DAMNED IF I WILL GIVE THEM MY NEW DEBIT CARD NUMBERS.. This company has some of the most incompitant *** running the company and answering the phone.

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