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I am so pissed with this company I have been going round in round in a circle with them. I call monday and thinking everything was good paiod them 228.00 to get it connected.

I then get a call the next day I have some security issues with them so they sent me to the fraud department. I sent over all the info and then they said everything is good now. I am sitting and waiting for someone to come and connect my cable no show are phone call from them. I call them and they said that they forgot to take the hold off the count after taking off for a day and calling them at least for 12 time to twelve different people.

They finally reschedule someone to come out the next day and he get there and say oh I cant hook this up this company has there private contracter to hook up there cable.

Now Direct TV telling me it takles up to 10 business day to get my money back... I cant wait to mave and they should be ashame of themselves

Monetary Loss: $228.

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