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I change my tv service to Direct TV ,I asked for a weekend install, was told no problem there were appointment the next Sat, I came home from work on Friday to find multiple call that the installer were trying to do the install that day,Call the service dept and was someone would call me that nite (friday) no call. on saturady I was told that I was on a wait list for in stall and it would most likely happen that day.I waited around the house most of the day they did not come or call. Sunday Early morning they called and said that the install would be on Sunday,waited a good deal of that day and they came and things worked good for about 4 days then the main tv would stop working and a error code would say satellite not getting signal . Call the installer and main office. the installer came and checked some cables and reset tv. it worked again for about 30 minutes. called installer again . He said to have main office fix. The appointment was set for the coming Thurs because my son could be there. they never called or came.Tv now works some and freezes alot. called again for service now they can only give me a tuesday appointment because I can"t *** work to be here in the day . I have only had service for two weeks and it has not worked most of the two weeks .I am ready to have them come and take there equipment . NICE WORK DIRECT TV NICE SERVICE DIRECT TV.

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To the commenter Jojo, bundling your services is the stupidest idea, you are not really saving at all. And if you ever don't pay you bill they shut off everything, including your directv.

Directv is a great company you just have to know to work with it. Don't bundle stupidest thing ever invented. You will have more problems in the long run.

Which ever company you bundle with has the authority to cut off your DTV whenever you don't pay your bill on time and there is nothing DTV reps can do about it, only the company you bundled with. That usually takes forever.


I just started my service with dirctv.I. haven't had any service from any company in at lease 10yrs so I.

Deside 2 bundle n get a deal.haven't yet recived my bill yet.but I did have many issues with my new flat screen making poping noies as well as no cable.I was trying 2 figure out what it could be.I now after hearing these issues no what was going on.I was scared 2 have my tv on because of it going off so much and breaking my tv or something.I so pray that I.

Have a good experiance with a first timer do need this nightmare in my life. :?

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