every month direct tv changes our programing , cutting back on what we have been watching , and either raising the cost , this will be 3 or 4 times they have done this , service at first was out for about 1 month , so they for all the inconvinces free hbo and cinmax ... ok and then about a 9 monthes not even that really if you count the time it was OUT of service we get a bill double what we have been paying , so we cut that back after a few calls and now again to get it right was 3 CALLS ,,, why it was supposed tobe 47 , a month not that now 65 , I think now oh we forgot to do something , oh yeah a charge to cut services back , WHAT ....

now when get ready to pay the bill more channels have been cut , I have found out they won't even talk to you unless you owe them a bill , the reason this one is being held up by the way ,,, one of the people I talk to said you have to redo your bill with them all the time .... when my time is up I will leave unless this is taken care of . also the 10. a month credit for signing a neighbor is BS we never got ....

you sink Direct tv .... so start your track covering BS ....

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I am very grateful that I am not a customer of DTV nor will I ever be again! When I had DTV, My bill was never correct,I had to spend at least 2 days per month on the phone with them only to have the same thing happen the next month.My service was lost if it rained or the wind blew and sometimes for no reason at all it would just go out.I had to pay someone to remove thier eyesore of a dish from my roof as they refused.


I am not sure this review is very accurate. I kept getting more channels from my changes ..

not less. And the bill is the same (for now).

I lost TV once (during a hurricane), so no complaints there.


I had Direct TV and that was also my problem and the fact that every time there was bad weather we would lose signal and this would go on for hours if not days and they would tell us all kinds of stories and Oh the apologys, I got so sick of them I switched to optimum and even though there prices are a little high I never have a problem with them.

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