DirectTv cancelled all our favorite channels and we want to drop them, but there is a cancellation fee that we feel we should not have to pay. How can they bill us for promised services that they no longer are providing?

This should be a breach of contract on their part we should be able to cancel without fees.

We no longer have a need for directtv because they no longer provide the channels that convinced us to sign up in the first place. This is a crooked move and they should let customers go without cost to their customers.

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I work for a cable co that has contracts when this happens to us we wave the contract fees if the customer is very upset and direct should too we sign up because we want certain channels if direct don't want to keep them then they are braking there end of the deal not us we pay our bill!


if you dropped them then that was a *** idea. Viacom was responsible for pulling the channels, not Directv


I feel Direct TV knew about this Viacom deal for some time and they failed to let us know about whats going on. If my bill goes up by more than 30.00 a month.

I will go back to Comcast. What the heck at least they tell you then *** for there tv shows.


I dropped them like a hot potato! How do you explain to a 6 & 9year old they cant watch sponge bob or any of their other favorite shows because the cable company doesnt want to charge the customers an extra 10 cents per bill?


They are not providing all content you signed up for so you should be let out of contract and not be charged a cancelation fee.

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