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The link above can be used to file an FCC (Federal Communications Commision) complaint regarding the recent Viacom/Direct TV issue.

I will be filing one complaint per day until all of my channels are restored. The more complaints that are filed the bigger the impact will be to prevent this from happening again. If you are upset with this situation take a look at the link I have provided. The FCC is the regulating agency for Direct TV. I have had many problems with this company in the past and want this to be the last.


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Just to point out, they regulate the stuff companies do illegally. Not wanting to pay money is not illegal.

As far as packaging, you have the option to downgrade your package and save some money. Sticking with your package you currently have would remain your choice. Lastly, most companies say it is your choice to sign on, knowing that they can reduce packaging without reducing cost. It's a common television contract.

You can thank those who take free programming online. And no, I don't work for Dtv, I am just an interested DISH customer.

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