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Thanks to all the Pissed Posts about Direct TV, I use to be with this provider until after the the prices went up a few years back I changed to Cable at a better price, and No Service Interruptions due to weather patterns. We was thinking of going back because of price hikes, but after all this I suppose I will stay with Cable until all these issues get worked out, sad only because Cable Bundle is a big rip in itself, and Cable wants you to pay your bill a month in advance, which in itself a rip, why pay for something that you have not yet had the opprotunity to enjoy.

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MAD Mommy

I know a lot of people are angry. I am one as well.

We pay $120 the most watched channels are gone. As I said before my summer plans have been canned because my son broke his growing plate. He is not allowed to move. So he likes to watch Nick and tion Nick.

He should be able to watch anything he wants to while he is in the kind of pain he is in. Seeing his sisters playing outside upsets him more. I have to sooth him.

It does not help when he Keeps asking to watch his favorite shows. All I can tell him is his favorite stations are gone.

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