This Viacom squabble is a bunch of ***....only channels my kids watch & now they are gone. We have always enjoyed it till now....but will be cancelling our service & going back to local cable.

Hmmm.... Fewer channels, but will the bill change? No way...we'll still be charged the same for fewer channels! Just another effort to make more money and give less service.

Even if you don't watch Viacom channels, you ought to be mad...it's the principle behind what they are doing. Direct tv is giving everyone the shaft...time for all their customers to give it back to them!!

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Have you even called and asked for one? They are available


YOU are so correct in what was stated above.THIS is just a scam to get more money out of their customer's.BUT guess what?I have already sent DIRECTV an e-mail about this matter because these dropped channel's are included in the plan that i have at this moment.And also i informed DIRECTV that from the time this drop in service took place 07/12/2012.I want an decrease in my monthly billing or I will be dropping their service completely and GOING somewere else.ALL of the DISH SERVICE'S ARE A RIP OFF.All any of the network's know is how to try to get more money out of their customer's.Instead of making their pocket's FATTER.THEY probably will make their pocket's EMPTY BY TRYING TO BE GREEDY.MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL DIRECTV IN CASE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN.YOU are going to lose a lot of customer's for this *** move you made.Because i will not give you one more cent for your channel line up.WTF ARE YOU DOING.


:cry WHat a scam !! I ave been with DirecTv fo ver 4 years in 2 houses! I want a discount o they are not going to offer me the stations I once had!

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