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I hate these satalite companies.They cant provide channels anymore, channels that I still pay for but they don't mind if I am 40.00 dollars late by one day and shutting me out.


Why is it that the little man always gets screwed and we can't do anything about it, just sit back and watch big people, big companies and the goverment pull or chain, and ding dong.Everybody should boycot all companies for one day cancell all agreements and see if these companies and goverment will pull there head out.

Monetary Loss: $47.


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tmomma: Yes that it what this site is for.I am using it for that.

(: thank you. Clearly I am making a complaint.

Who cares: You are a retard if you say "blah, blah, blah". You must work for Directv? Really?

Wow what a poorly drawn out conclusion. Who helped you pull that one together? Any company, big or small will treat you like this. You have to pay your bills, they are at liberty to change your service, just like you can go ahead and change the company you chose to provide you with the service.

Do that, hopefully everyone will. And hopefully they will undergo this experience all over again. :D It's a loss of channels, not a loss of life. When did TV become a necessity?

By the way I have cable, not as many channels, and they have lost some too. Which are permanently suspended, not temporarily. I've had Directv and I read my service agreement before I signed up and I followed it.

I hop companies, for the new customer offers.And that is how I make it by, and get the most up to date equipment.


go to ***, he has the right to ***. that is what this site is for people.


You must work for Direct TV.U are a retard if you say blah blah blah.

I Looks like somebody already suck you dry.Good luck Dumb ***


You are a *** t a r d."Evey body should boycot...cancel all agreements and see if these companies ..." blah blah blah.

Dumb rant. Waste of space. I hope you file a class action lawsuit. I hope you get sucked dry of all your money, so that your services do get cut off.

*** yes if you are late on your bill you get cutoff and have to pay the full fee to turn it back on. You don't expect the electric company to give you a break do you? And guess what if you call Directv 24 hours before the cutoff date they will give you up to a 7 day extension? What a s s holes.

I mean how could they be so gracious? You have 30 days to pay your bill and then some after it becomes past due? And then they extend the cutoff date if you ask them? How dare they be so generous.

File a lawsuit.

You don't think they hear that every five *** seconds from i d iots like yourself?Go re read your customer agreement you dumb a s s.

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