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We have bounced around from cable to Direct Tv and now we just have Netflix. Direct Tv kept jacking the rates up and down and finally told me I needed to get a lesser package if I wanted to save money.

After a week of the lesser package I had enough and called to cancel the service. They threatened I would have to pay to get out of my contract. I gladly paid them the 250 and told them that part of that payment was to never contact me again. I keep getting letters asking me to come back and had to subject myself to the incompetent customer service people.

I asked for the 250 back noting that part of that money was to not contact me ever again, they have assured me that I won't receive anymore solicitations however I will believe it when I do not see it. The only way to combat these corporations is to not give them your money, everything should be treated in this manner.

If you don't like the way you are treated at a store, business or whatever DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY and eventually they will go away. Make these places accountable there are other options.

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Not sure what your message is but personally I believe we need to demand our lawmakers hold DirectTV accountable and not just a small fine as in the class action suits.. if DTV continues to do as they have done in the past..Shut Them Down Permanently!

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