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Boy they took me too. I had a price quote for 39.99/month and then the fees came.

My total bill was to be 68.99/month. Well bad went to worse. They didn't want to run a line for the 4th tv so I never did get it hooked up. Yes, I did get charged the 6.00 even though I never used it.

Nice talking to customer service and trying to explain that you never got the box hooked up so why was I being charged,. Nice people. gave me 2.00 credit!!! Took 2 different tech to get it hooked up but wait, they couldn't get it hooked up to the internet.

My friend came over and did it. NICE!!! Ok, got the first bill was 69.15. ok that is good, but wait then I got an email stating my bill was 74.24.

Called yet again. they said they tacked on a protection plan so that was why the bill was at 74.24. Ok just got this months bill. Now it is 79.95.

Called spoke with 3 different supervisors. Said I was being charged extra for hd. What the ***! I tried to explain not paying, that my bill was to be 68.99 minus the 6.00 for the box they never got hooked up,.

That went exactly nowhere. I asked them why I was being charged more now,. they said I was now being charged an extra 10.00 for hd sevice. When I signed up none of this was told to me and I tried to explain that to them but, I am a little fish in the pond.

More fees!!!!! I have talked to so many customer service reps and supervisors and everyone tells me something different.

I will never get Direct Tv again or recommend them to anyone. I am stuck in a 2 year contract with them unless I pay a termination fee.

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My fee kept going up too. I was told the HD was free and then they charged me for it each month.

I'm so sick of dealing with Direct TV that even though they are charging me $350.00,(they think), for early termination, I just have to get those blood suckers out of my life.

I'm not paying the fee. They can do what they want but I'm not paying the fee. They can drag me into court and I'm still not paying the fee. They said they would just take it out of my credit card they have on file. Well, tough luck buckos, I canceled the credit card and changed my bank account.

Maybe they will try to take my house. I'm just so damned mad that I'm not going to submit to their bullying tactics.

I'm an 80 year old woman and won't they look charming hauling my decrepit self into court. I'm so old that I don't give a *** what those vampires do.


Number one DIRECTV does not have any hidden fee's.You choose your own plan.The highest plan DIRECTV has is $119.00 a month.So my question to you is how are you paying $392.00 a month?Even with taxes you will not pay this amount.You pay for what you request. It is not free for you are me or ANYONE ELSE.When DIRECTV increased their plan's.I downgraded to an less expensive plan.When i was asked why?I wanted to downgrade.I informed the customer service rep.That i did not want to pay this type of money for their service and I had no problem with DIRECTV.My package is close to what i originally had in the first place.Weather you have DIRECTV or CABLE.The result's are about the same.Each have problem's being greedy at time's.Each want's to not share the profit.Each has issue's with each other.Believe me one is no better than the other.If you feel CABLE is better.READ futher on this site and See what is said about CABLE.Downsize your package.And you will see the effect it has on your monthly billing.It's not DIRECTV'S fault.It's your's for not paying attention to what you are requesting.Go back,Take a good long look at your package.Then take the neccessary step's to choose what you can afford and What you really need in the package.If you want all the program's,Be prepared to pay for them.It's so simple.This is not DIRECTV fault.This is your fault for not using your head.


These people are a joke! Thier channels sucks, and and they sneak in price hikes!

We went from 69 dollars to 392 Dollars?? What the fduck? Im going back to cable, or somebody else that dosent have "hidden fees"!!

Directv you have lost me! Know that!!!!

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