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Everytime I turn around I'm getting a new message from another station that they can't reach an agreement with Direct TV and I will no longer recieve that station. The latest was from Fox 13, this is a local channel I can get without Direct TV!

I can no longer get the Pac 12 either. I hate paying almost $200 a month for T.V that is mostly commercials and advertisements anyway. Maybe its time for Direct T.V to move out of my house.

I'm overpaying and recieving less. GOOD BYE to DIRECT T.V


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nearly 20 years ago db sat or direct broadcast satellite began with RCA Dish being sold directly to consumers. Directv was a program seller.

Cable companies screamed bloody murder over the potential loss of business. DBsat was first marketed for rural customers where cable would not connect. db sat was forced to restrict broadcast power to offer inferior picture quality so urban consumers would not switch to db sat. Today cable co use that forced concession to rail against Directv and dish network for poor quality signals especially in bad weather.

It seems to this old nontechnical customer of directv that reduced ;power to the paying customer should end and end now. I know some local stations try to squeeze more and more money from us for programming broadcast for free. There is no way any fox abc nbc cbs [bs or other over the air station should charge a for profit rate to directv and directv should charge no moire than a reasonable re broadcast fee. The complaint over fox 13 is most likely a refusal of directv to pay fox13 demand fee.

you see this as a directv issue but if they pay an excessive rate YOU will be paying for it but through directv. Your station is at least 50% at fault so complain to them too and be demanding of the station to bargain in good faith, then demand directv push to increase the signal strength restriction with the fcc. There is no way in today'S market we subscribers should be second rate consumers.


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