Started with direct tv in 1993 ..went to lets call it best buys...it was in nebr in omaha...bought a reciever and a dish..back then you had to install it yourself ..yep go up on the roof mount the dish but they gave you a compass so you could point it...then you had to aim it at 27 degrees ..okay enough of that..so anyone from then knows what I'm talking about...When I moved to florida ..had to get new service and I payed for it but not in my name..long story...her house not mine...anyway moved out and got new service ...6 years later i moved..could not mount a dish on the condo..called direct tv...told them the story..I would have loved to keep the service..I asked who do I need to call to give back the dvr and the extra reciever...The lady tells me you owe us 487.00 ...I was paid up and asked her what is that for...If you have had direct tv they shut you off if your 1 day late...I had to pay them 487 bucks before I could send the stuff back..and they never said why I owed them all that money..after 2 years now they sent me to collections for payment...so it's not a 2 year contract it's like if you walk away we will haunt you for the rest of your life...Well I still have the dvr and reciver and it's in the box...2 years my ***...they are like herpies..if you get them you have it for life...Just a example...I never signed any contract and I was with them for over 6 years before I moved..so seems if you want to move on they will come after you no matter how long you were a customer..

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