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When we moved into our new house, my husband set up our new utilities. He found a ad on the internet offering Direct tv, without a contract.

So we signed up. Our service was horrible. We could be sitting and watching a television show, and our service would go out. After several attempts of having technicians come out to our house and "fix" the problem.

We decided to go with Time Warner Cable.

Now, today Direct TV has debited our bank account over $1000.00!!!!! I have called the company argued with 3 customer services rep's. Asked to speak to 2 supervisor's.

1 refused to connect me, said there was no need! 1 supervisor hung up on me, when after he read to me the statement that the technician, has entered, that after several attempts and service calls I wanted to cancel my account. I laughed and said "MY POINT EXACTLY!" The supervisor hung up!

I am appalled at the Customer Service, the actual service of the company.

And the fact that they can go in and debit my account without consent. I believe in paying for services rendered.

But NOT for things NOT owed!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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