I terminated my service with DIRECT TV on November 17th (I had ATT U-verse installed) ...They refused to honor that date and are billilg me for the whole month of november till Dec 6 th !I spoke with there -so-called- customer service department and was told that I had to pay even though I was not using their service - I feel that they are punishing me for changing service!!!Thats wrong!!!!

I don't feel that I was treated fairly.I was a loyal customer even after my contract expired.There must be something that I can do to solve this ...if not ...my pleasure is knowing that I FIRED DIRECT TV for crappy service !!!!


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I hope you get this resolved...I had DirectTV and AT&T bundled for phone and internet and found AT&T was a partner in crime with DTV. AT&T denied knowing about DTV's dirty practice but I found this to be pretty incredible since they were partners


Hi, I am sorry that you are having an issue with your Direct TV billing.I will be happy to help get this resolved for you.

Can you please send me an email with your account number and contact number to ATTNancyM@att.com? In the subject line please put Pissedconsumer 870cd3 Direct TV.

I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks, Nancy AT&T Social Media Manager

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