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I paid on my ex's Direct Tv account a couple of times. When failed to pay his bill Direct TV billed my debit card without my authorization.

They claim that when ANY debit card is used the information is kept on file and can be billed at any time WITHOUT your authorization. They claim this is disclosed when you make the payment. I have never heard of this before and I have looked on their website and could not find any reference to this policy.

Now I am out over 700 dollars and Direct TV refuses to refund the money even though I do not have an account with Direct TV and they can provide no proof I ever was ever informed of this policy. Bottom line Direct TV practices blatant fraud and now one is stopping them.

Review about: Directv Website.

Monetary Loss: $744.

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You will have to dispute the charge with your bank. Tell them it was an unauthorized charge and you don't even have an account with Directv.

You may have to be persistant, but they are obligated to reverse the charge. You are not a Directv customer and are not bound by their terms and conditions.

Marti B
Dallas, Texas, United States #588474

So have they offered to refund the money? I'm dealing with the same thing here.

I'm a single mom with three kids and when I tried using my debit card it was rejected for inadequate funds. I called the bank and was informed that I had a debit in excess of 350 dollars for DTV. Shocked I informed them that it had to be fraud, I've never in my life had a DTV account. I then called the number supplied by my bank to DTV and was told that since I was not a customer it could take up to ten days just for them to investigate the issue!

Meanwhile, my three children and I were stuck in subfreezing weather in a truck with little fuel two hours from home. Noone with DTV seemed to care that they took every single dime I had to my name, that my children and I were stranded with nothing, and even had the audacity to tell me that I needed to calm down. Thankfully my oldest son had two Christmas gifts he couldn't use and asked if he could take them back to get his money and at least put gas in the truck so we could get home. No, I did not have anyone tell me when I swiped my card months ago to help a friend that I could be liable for all future charges...

No, I'm not going to go track down the individual who I helped to reclaim my money that was taken... Yes... I will fight DTV and may even sue them for damages to my credit since I have been forced to be dilinquent on a a couple of bills.

I've thought about contacting local television stations and showing all the faxes I've sent DTV, my debit card company, and all the responses I've recieved from each, none from DTV and three from my card company telling me they are investigating this and working to refund my money. DTV on the other hand continues to "loose" my call when I call them and I've yet to recieve an incident number or anything to that extent.

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