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Order the DVR service. The box installed was not a DVR.

Called the 800 number provided and was greeted with a *** on the other end. Was told that if I wanted a DVR it would cost additional and it would be mailed out to me, even thought my work order calls for a DVR. I was told that it was my fault because I did not check the equipment. I signed the work order I agreed to what was delivered and now that I want to change my plan that nullifies what I signed, I have to pay more.

I was told if I did not like it, I could cancel. I spent 2 hours on the phone.

I am so happy that I order Direct TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: customer service, not what I order, pricing.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Directv Cons: Unfair charges.

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I'm sure that you're very disappointed and I'm sorry that this happened. As a former DirecTV supervisor I can explain the ordering process to you.

When an order is placed the federal government requires DirecTV to review verbally a list of information that includes the type of equipment you'll have installed, the agreement accompanied with the equipment, the cost (if any), and so forth. You must verbally agree before the order is placed. Once the order is placed by a representative you are then transferred to a third party verification site, independent of DirecTV, who verifies ALL of the sales/upgrade information once more. Anything that affects your agreement requires these steps per the FCC and DirecTV is strict to adhere to these rules and regulations as not to be fined or worse.

Above all of that DirecTV also sends an email of the order, including all of the information listed above plus additional legal info, to you via within 24 hours.

Lastly, the technician explains the very equipment being installed being installing it - that way if there is a problem with the order you have four (4!) opportunities to have it corrected prior to install. According to the agreement once the equipment is installed you've assumed responsibility for it which means you agree to the type of equipment installed, the additional monthly costs (if any) and the agreement (12-24 months).

What I might suggest is to request having the call pulled and reviewed for inaccuracies. If the CSR clearly states that you'll be receiving a DVR and continues the call pretending that you'll receive a DVR - then you have a case. Regular CSRs, supervisors and managers do not have access to the calls though.

You will need to go through the Office of the President. There is no number for you to call. A submission will need to be put in for you.

Other that or you can write the OOP yourself.

There is an address for that. This is what I would do if I were you.

Good luck.

*Former DirecTV supervisor*