Direct TV Ayrshire Street HistoryAccount Number ####2532

6/13/2008 Placed Install Order for addt'l Receiver/Cable for Porch area6/16/2008 Rec'd Email Confirmation --Order# 52633676/18/2008 WestTech Improperly Installed Cable and lied to my Wife6/18/2008 Complained to Mass Tech and Direct TV--2 Plus hours on the callsspoke w/Sonja, Tom and could not get resolution-was told No Refund6/19/2008 Spoke w/Kala & Requested Recovery Kit be sent for a Return6/19/2008 Filed $232 Dispute with American Express to remove the Charges6/19/2008 Sonja promised to issue Credit once Receiver came back6/23/2008 Returned Receiver in Recovery Kit via FedX #9760948145276/25/2008 Tracked and determined R. Dean signed for kit at 10:09am7/3/2008 Electro-Design fixed damage and completed workInvoice 44732 for $375.007/31/2008 Amex Investigated Dispute and settled in my favor8/27/2008 Sent Certified Letter to Greenwood Village, Coloradooutlining the entire case history incl. the Fedx ReturnAirbill Number receipt--Received No Reply to this Letter9/11/2008 Direct TV places $232.12 charge on my monthly Bill as "Misc" Charge9/15/2008 Spoke w/Fritz in Huntington, WVA whoagreed to investigate the matter9/27/2008 Per Julia (employee # 100310967--charges of $232.12would be reversed--Pay $93.13 OnlyMailed Check 9/27 and notated the $232.32would be credited on my check/condition of cashing10/3/2008 Rec'd 9/30/2008 Letter advising service would be terminatedif amount were not paid immediately10/08/2008 Called Raya (Employee # 300145226 who reffered me to the Tiffany (Ace Agent) who finally investigatedand said Direct TV did not show the 6/25/2008 equipment ReturnWill refund Account in 2 Days10/9/2008 Contacted John (employee # 100310508 who said a correction of $232.12had been made and the account was Updated10/9/2008 Issued Complaint to better Business Bureau 10/10/2008 Issued $775 Invoice to Direct TV for Damages Incurred/Time Spent 10/10/2008 Copied William Stern, Attorney on all the Facts 10/16/2008 Rec'd Letter advising since equipment was installed--No Credit would be givenNote--Cable was only hardware installed--damaged walls10/16/2008 Service turned off 5:09pm Returned Home to find Service had been disconnected10/16/2008 Lilly (#100331816) Corrected my Bill and Turned Cable On 2 5:30pm 10/17/2008 Kenny (#100185344) advised Credithad not NOT been Issued @ 2:35pm 10/17/2008 Daisy (#100143184) advised equipment was not returned--I gaveher FedX #976094814527 & she agreed to make "Escalation" @ 2;49pm10/18/2007 10:30am Requested Cancellation Dept to pick-up equipment for my existing service Cassandra(#411811) was outraged how I had been treated and promised tofollow-up w/Donna (Supervisor). She credited my Account $232.12 and madeextensive notes in the file. Also suggested I contact Direct TV with the Damages we had incurred due to the improper Installation.10/19/2008 10:55am--Rec'd Direct TV Email confirming the "Credit" of $232.12 hadbeen applied to Account. I then verified On-Line Acct# ####2532 had a CreditBalance of $52.1710/21/2008 Tony from Customer Retention called to ask what he could do--suggested theyPay my Invoice for starters

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